Sunday, March 4, 2012

Repost - Just a Thought

Everybody's afraid of failure.
Everybody's afraid of losing.
Everybody's afraid of uncertainty.

What one failed to realize is that there is no success without failure.
That failure is the first step in the path toward success and there is no single achievement without hardships.

Like an infant who was born weak, unable to lift his head, roll his body let alone using his 4 limbs to support himself, slowly and surely he steadies his head, rolls his trunk and gains strength to pull and support his body, crawls, standing and finally walks.
But not without repetitive falls and bruises his skins. However perseverance pays off in the end.

For an infant who is not afraid of failing,losing his balance and fall, he finally stands, walks and runs.
There is no shortcut to success, there is no gain without pain and certainly no achievement without failure.
All we ought to do is persevere and keep on trying as failure doesn't have to be the end, but the first step towards an infinite glory and success.

By M.F.H

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